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Tutto Lambretta makes the highest quality Lambretta mufflers in the world. They are made to exact original Innocenti specifications in every respect, from their construction, fit and finish, to their performance, durability and sound. Tutto Lambretta mufflers for LD and earlier models are easily recognized by the machined flange which is welded to the top of the header pipe as per original. All other Italian manufacturers cut corners by just flaring out the tubing at the top, which leads to a weak joint and constant leakage. This version was originally fitted to LD Mk1 models in 1952, but it was also fitted to some early Mk2 models and will work great on any LD model. The tailipipe can be left as is, or it can be cut shorter, leaving 1.5in exposed to clamp on chrome silencer #0303.C as fitted to Mk2 models.

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