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There has never been a scooter with such classic, sporty lines as the Lambretta SX200...
There's nothing like a completely original machine with perfectly matching bodywork!
Your friends on their Li's will have to get used to this view!
When the SX was first introduced it just screamed 'speed and style'. You've probably seen Innocenti's old advert with an SX200 parked in front a jet plane. What a beautiful machine...
The styling of the Lambretta SX is the epitomy of classic 1960's design!
The hand grips are original and tell a story of how little use this scooter has had.
38 years of patina shows on this panel, and only adds to the character of the scooter.
Black California plates are getting rare. It is registered with a new white plate, but in '06 you'll be able to register these old plates again!
Even the black rubber protection sleeves on the cablles are original!
We stripped the gas tank for rust removal and threw a 'night before the rally' coat of paint on it.
What are saparators? Do they have something to do with making maple syrup?
Just so you won't forget to clean the air filter...
Original Innocenti disc brake hubs were actually manufactured by Campagnolo.
The front brake cable is the original heavy duty item for maximum stopping power.
Look at that perfect original CEV brand headlight! The chrome rim has been replaced with a new Casa Lambretta item.
Original 90mph speedos have a small clear plastic piece above the odometer that magnifies the numbers. If you look closely you can see it in this photo.
The emblems aren't perfect, but that's part of this scooter's charm!
The most famous pair of emblems in scooter history...
The original Lambretta emblem tells a tale of the scooter's history...
Original ignition key switches in this condition are getting very scarce!
The rear badge is original and in great condition. The rack could use re-chroming, but that's an easy job for any chrome shop.
Nowadays you don't want to be using SAE 40 motor oil, and what's this about 12 psi in the front tire...?!?!
The took kit stows away neatly at the back of the toolbox and is held in place by the original spring and clip
The factory took kit includes the original spark plug/lug nut wrench, jack stand, allen keys, and screwdriver

JUST ADDED: Take the scooter on a virtual test drive:

When we got this scooter, we knew we wanted to see it go to a worthy buyer, but we didn't want to deal the hassle that eBay has become. Neither did we want to try put a price on such a fine and rare machine. We would much rather have gathered a group of Lambretta enthusiasts for a live auction, but we decided to do the next best thing - a private auction for members of our mailing list.


This SX is a 1967 model, serial number 835962. It sat unsold at a dealership until the original owner purchased it in 1969 (as it states on the title). It was garage kept with occasional use until the early 1990's. Since then it has seen only one other owner and little more use. It shows a little over 4600 miles on the odometer (which functions perfectly, leaving little doubt that the mileage is accurate). It runs perfectly, starts every time, has a fully functioning electrical system, and is in excellent shape for a machine its age. The original owner was apparently so fond of his SX that he used to polish it relentlessly; so much so in fact that he polished right through the paint on the front fender and headset top.

Since we acquired it we have touched up all of the scratches in the paint and repainted the headset top, front fender, horn grille, centerstand, fuel tank, and front dampeners. The scooter is 99% factory original Innocenti, right down to every last nut and bolt, and apart from the Japanese battery and spark plug and the Michelin inner tubes, it is 100% Italian. We had the kickstart and brake pedals re-plated, and we pulled off most of the original fasteners and linkages and had them re-plated in cadmium for a perfectly original look. We replaced the clutch plates and springs, but other than that the cases have never even been cracked. We also installed a solid aluminum N.O.S. (new old stock) Dansi flywheel to eliminate the hot starting problems which are so common with six pole Ducati flywheels. The front disc brake works so well that it almost feels like a hydraulic conversion has been done! The scooter had some rust in the fuel tank when we got it, but we have coated it with POR-15 (, which will prevent this problem from ever recurring again.

The list of new parts we have installed on the scooter includes:

3 Pirelli SC30 tires
3 Michelin Airstop inner tubes
1 Yuasa battery
1 Surflex clutch plate set
1 Italian seat cover
1 Dansi flywheel
1 set of new light bulbs


1. If you have any questions about the scooter or the terms of the sale, you must send them with a unique subject line to <>. If you reply directly to this email it will be automatically deleted by our junk mail filter.
2. We will NOT answer any questions relating to price. This means do not ask questions such as:"What is the lowest price you will take?" or "Will you take a ____ in (partial) trade?".
3. All questions (other than those relating to price) will be posted along with our reply in the FAQ section below. No questions will be replied to by email.
4. If you want to buy the scooter, please send your bid by email to <>, with the word "Bid" included in the subject line. Do not use the subject of this email in your reply, or it will be filtered to junk mail.
5. We will update the FAQ's and bid history on the web page once each day at around 12:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.
6. The highest email bid received by 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday, June 22nd will be the winner. Please figure out your maximum price and send in your bid far enough in advance to be sure that we receive it by 5:00pm on June 22nd. We will make one last check of our emails at exactly 5:00pm on the 22nd, and we are not responsible for any emails which are not received by 5:00pm regardless of what time they are sent. We will not be updating the bid price during the last day of the auction, so be sure to name a price that you are comfortable with.
7. Your name and your bid price will be posted in the bid history to avoid any appearance of impropriety or bid shilling. If you do not want your name posted, DO NOT BID.
8. There is NO RESERVE price on this sale. We are confident that what is perhaps the most sought after scooter ever manufactured will fetch a fair price at the peak of the riding season.
9. In the event of two equal high bids, the bid with the earliest date and time sent will be the winner.
10. We will only accept phone calls about the scooter or the terms of sale between 11:00am–12:pm and also between 5:00-6:00pm (Pacific Daylight Time) on days we are open (Tuesday through Saturday). No questions about price will be answered.
11. The winning bid price MUST be paid in full by Monday, June 27th, or we reserve the right to offer the scooter to the next highest bidder or repost it for sale. Payment can be made by credit card, cash, cashier's check, or wire transfer. We will not accept PayPal payments for this sale.
12. We can crate and ship the scooter to any U.S. destination for $350, or to most overseas destinations including the U.K., Italy, or Japan for approximately $650. Rates may vary slightly depending on location.


Saturday, June 18, 2005 12:05 AM PDT:
John Adams - $3000.00
Saturday, June 18 4:46:11 AM PDT:
John Ife - $6502.00
Monday, June 20, 2005 10:37:35 AM PDT:
Tom Lynott - $3000.00 (bid too low)
Wednesday, June 22, 2005 7:33:38 AM PDT:
JR Michalowski - $7640.00
June 22, 2005 10:14:49 AM PDT:
Mark Graham- $7641.00
June 22, 2005 10:26:22 AM PDT:
Tim McKeough - $3201.99 (bid too low)
June 22, 2005 3:47:21 PM PDT:
Ken Fugate - $8202.23
June 22, 2005 4:12:23 PM PDT:
Kevin Hagen - $7650.00 (bid too low)

SOLD to Ken Fugate - Congratulations Ken!


Year model of the scooter:
According to its original California title (and we all know how accurate those can be...) the scooter is a 1967 model, but based on production figures given at it was manufactured in 1966.
Please provide the reason for clutch work:
When we got the scooter the clutch wasn't completely shot, but it felt a little weak and it slipped a little in the higher gears under full throttle. When we took it apart the plates just looked glazed from age, not abused in any way.
Are the keys original?
The ignition key is not original. If I can locate an original one with that number I will gladly provide it. I think the other keys are original, but it's Sunday and I can't verify this until I get back to work on Tuesday. The steering and tool box locks are original to the scooter. UPDATE: While all three locks are original, all of the keys are remade.
Will you post all bids at the conclusion of auction?
Yes, the running tally of bids will remain posted right up until the end of the auction, and for 30 days afterwards.
What would the approximate shipping be to Canada?
About $400 for western Canada and $500 for eastern destinations (prices in US$).

What is the date stamped on the bottom end of front shock absorbers?
From what I can make out it looks like they were stamped 66-04-27 (April 27, 1966). Only the second '6' is visible, but there is no sign of tampering and the numbers are faint at that end and deepest toward the '7' digit. I have posted pictures below. The dampeners are original equipment SCM brand, and based on the patina they had before we repainted them we are 99% sure that they are the original items.
Would you explain in greater detail problems with Ducati flywheel and use of Dansi as a solution?
Ducati and Dansi components can be interchanged, and the all-aluminum Dansi flywheels have historically held their magnetism very well, while the brass Ducati types with an aluminum fan are very prone to demagnetising. This can very often causes hard starting, dying at idle when the lights are turned on, very short spark plug and/or condensor life, and sometimes complete loss of spark. There is NO change in performance between the two flywheels, it is strictly an issue of reliability.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the dampeners in detail:

So there it is. Thanks for reading this, and good luck to you if you plan on bidding!

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