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Lambretta Works USA Inc.

Lambretta Works, Inc. Newsletter - April, 2007

Hello Fellow Lambretta Aficianado!

All right it's been a few months since our last newsletter, so let's get right to the juicy stuff! As many of you already know, we have been negotiating a buyout of Lambretta Works for a while now, and we are pleased to announce that the new majority owners are Guillermo and Mary Alfaro of Chula Vista, California (just a few miles south of San Diego). The shop will remain in its present location for now, though the Alfaros do have plans to relocate to a larger location in the San Diego area in the near future.

The new name of the business is Lambretta Works, Inc. Guillermo and Mary are training to take over the day to day operations of the business, and Brooke and I will continue to contribute while they work toward being 100% self sufficient. Our goal is to not only continue to offer the widest range of Lambretta parts, accessories, and service available on the continent, but to improve on our inventory levels, broaden our customer support, and improve merchandise turnaround. We want to be your first choice for anything Lambretta related, and we are determined to drastically improve our stock levels and fill as many of your orders as quickly and as completely as possible. This process has already begun, and the Alfaros are infusing a lot of cash into inventory purchases which have already arrived started arring at our door. Read on for more info about the exciting things we have planned for the coming months!

Closing for Inventory, Followed by a Grand Re-Opening!

As you know by now, Lambretta Works Inc. is transferring hands from Vince and Brooke, to Guillermo and Mary. Part of this process includes a thorough counting and reorganizing of the stock room inventory. This is exciting in that we will be able to go through all of the 6,700+ parts that we have to count and re-organize everything, so that we can restock to maximum capacity!

In order to complete this feat we will need to close our doors for ten days, from April 7th to April 16th. During this time we will not answer the phone but will still accept and promptly process all web orders. We will not ship anything from these orders until April 18th. Once the inventory count is complete, we will make several huge orders to restock the shelves, followed by a big bash to celebrate the Grand Re-opening of the shop!

Come join us Saturday, April 21st, from 12:00pm - 5:00pm for a legendary BBQ by John Johnson, a scenic scooter ride sponsored by Secret Society Scooter Club San Diego, soul and reggae DJ’s, and a raffle, all hosted at Lambretta Works Inc. Go to for more information where to meet for the ride that day.

Rapido 250 Kits and 225 Cylinder Heads Now in Stock

Do you wish your Lambretta could tow your truck home if it broke down? And would you love to have that kind of torque without breaking the bank? Or maybe you don't want to cut off your battery tray and hack up your cylinder shroud just to fit a reed valve kit such as the TS1 or Monza? Well, we now have AF Rayspeed Rapido 250 kits in stock (LW part #0174.A250), and they pack a wallop! The Rapido 225 kit has developed a reputation as an affordable way to get gobs of power out of a 200c Lambretta engine, and the 250 kit builds on this reputation with a high quality forged 72mm piston travelling through a special version of the 225 cylinder with a thicker skirt to support the mammoth piston. When combined with a 60mm long stroke crankshaft, the kit delivers 244cc of grunting, stump pulling power - the kind you need whether climbing the Adirondacks on the Cannonball Run or embarrassing the O.C. Chopper types in full view of their girlfriends during a weekend blast down PCH. Great stuff!

Because the kit has an oversize skirt and requires a long stroke crank, both the cylinder spigot and the crankcase area of the engine case must be overbored. We offer this service for $160. The kit includes the cylinder, piston assembly with rings, wrist pin, and circlips, and a special top end gasket set. Also needed will be an Indian GP200 or AF Rayspeed cylinder head which has been reprofiled to suit the gargantuan piston crown and "cc'd" to match the octane of fuel and type of exhaust that will be used. We offer this service for $65.

Also new are these 225cc cylinder heads from AF Rayspeed (LW part #0211.AF225). Now it is no longer necessary to have your stock 200 head re-profiled when fitting a 225cc TS1, Monza, or Rapido kit to run on standard pump fuel. These heads are specially cast with extra material where it counts to prevent warping or overheating, making any of these kits a "bolt-on" solution without having to send in your old head for work. Another advantage is that you can keep your stock head for future use with your stock cylinder.

Vegas Recap
Vegas this year was a blast for all of us at Lambretta Works. It was a great pleasure to put faces to the names that we work with on a daily basis, and to see the scooters that have been restored by all of the dedicated lambrettistas out there! We had a blast connecting with other vendors including Stuart Lanning from Scootering Magazine, Josh Rogers from Scoot Magazine, Modified Apparel, Alex MacKenzie from Casa Lambretta USA, and of course all of the scooter clubs from around the globe. What a great event! The Aggrolites were a hit as usual, and Guillermo had mucho fun spinning his staggering collection of soul and reggae 45’s at the all-nighter. This was baby Memo's third scooter rally and his most eventful one, and he had fun meeting all of our friends in the scooter scene. We look forward to many more High Rollers Weekends in the years to come! Look for our gymkhana next year! We may surprise you with some tricky obstacles that you only see in those old European scootering videos.

The Vegas rally brought about a gathering of some of North America's best known scooter dealers - left to right: Alex MacKenzie of Casa Lambretta USA, Guillermo Alfaro of Lambretta Works, Inc., Barry Gwin of San Francisco Scooter Centre, Gene Meredith of Scooters Originali in New Jersey, Alex Cohn of Motorsport Scooters in San Diego, and Vince Mross of Lambretta Works, Inc. (photo courtesy of

New Helmets & shirts

We are very excited to announce four new shirt designs for Lambretta Works, Inc.! These are reminiscent of the summer days gone by in Southern California. Beach scenes and palm trees are the backdrop to silhouettes of Vince’s Lambro and a sweet Series One. These come in beige, light blue (ladies), brown (ladies), and white. We also have a classic black tee and long sleeve tee with an SX200 and our logo. Check them out - they are going fast at a great price!

We are also now selling some new helmets from Helmet City which are a great afffordable alternative to the Davida helmets, which are not street legal in California. These are a similar half-shell style, but they are D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved! They are super stylish and come in a range of colors including matte black, black and orange, black and silver, and the new Italian flag. There are many more colors and styles from this company with a very quick turn around time. Check them out-they are only $55! Yeah, a great deal! Sizes L-XXL. These tend to run a bit small, so you may want to order one larger size than you normally would.


April Special on Michelin and Pirelli Tires and Tubes

We recently took advantage of a spring discount program from our supplier of Michelin and Pirelli tires and tubes, and we are passing the savings on to you for the month of April. As usual prices have gone up on these tires, but for one more month we are able to sell both brands at last year's prices. Jump on over to our online store and check out our vast selection of high quality European rubber before the price increase takes effect.

American Scooter
Racing Association
2007 Schedule

The 2007 ASRA schedule is out, and here are the dates and locations:

Mar. 3 & 4 - Grange Motor Circuit - Apple Valley, CA ~ CW
July 14 & 15 - Grange Motor Circuit - Apple Valley, CA ~ CC
Aug. 4 & 5 - Willow Kart Track - Rosamond, CA ~ CC
Oct. 13 & 14 - Willow Kart Track - Rosamond, CA ~ CW
(CW = Clockwise ~ CC = Counter Clockwise)

ASRA also has a new fledgling home on the web:

For those itching to get some track time/practice in, ASRA racers are welcomed at the rest of the CMRRA 2007 practices (a CMRRA liscense is required at Willow Springs):

Mar. 31 Willow Kart Track - Rosamond, CA
May 5 Willow Kart Track - Rosamond, CA
Jun. 9 Willow Kart Track - Rosamond, CA
Sep. 8 Grange Motor Circuit - Apple Valley
Nov. 10 Grange Motor Circuit - Apple Valley, CA
Dec. 1 Willow Kart Track
- Rosamond, CA

For more information go to our racing page, or contact Jesse Dillon at:

Sorry about the crappy brake shoes!

If you purchased brake shoes for a Series 1/2/3 model from us recently and they were Makino brand shoes packaged in a plastic bag, we apologize for the poor quality of these shoes compared to the Italian ones we normally stock. We have found that the Makino shoes need some modifications before they fit properly, including reducing the width of each shoe where it slides over the pivot pins in order to be able to properly install the plates and circlips. If you have experienced this and you would like to be compensated, please feel free to contact us. Please note that this applies only to drum brake shoes made by Makino in India for Li/SX/TV/GP/DL/Serveta models (our part #0705.A; Innocenti part #15044040). It does not apply to any other brands of shoes that we have carried.

Everyone gets quantity discount
After using our accounting software for six years, we only recently realized that it has the capability to offer quantity discounts on multiple quantities of any item. We have just implemented this feature for everyone in our customer list, which means the next time you order more than six of any one item you will automatically get a small price break. As quanitities go up to ten or more items the price breaks keep increasing, so in the case of small items such as hardware this can add up to a significant savings. This is just one more way that we are looking out for you to help save you some money - maybe even money you will put into a new cylinder kit or some fancy whitewall tires...

New Shiny Bits for Your Scoot!
Are you tired of rust flakes falling in your transmission oil from that 40+ year old oil filler plug? No? Is that little ding in the domed top of your old plug the only flaw on your otherwise perfect two wheeled work of art? Do the vise grip marks on your rear hub nut cause you to lose precious sleep? Or do you just like to spend money on shiny bits like these? Blingo?!? Then dole out a few duckets on these bright new goodies and let's get that gleam in your eye shining like it should! The stainless parts are made in the UK by MB Developments - so you know they're the business - and the chrome nuts are plated with chromium! Yeah!

Job Openings at Lambretta Works

We are currently seeking a couple of outstanding employees to help Mary in the office with processing orders and answering the multitude of interesting phone calls that come in on a daily basis. If you are interested in being part of our team at the world's leader in everything Lambretta, check out this link for more information and please contact Mary at or call (619) 229-0201.

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